About Us

Our Mission


Space City Performing Arts is a creative and educational resource for the musical arts community that aims to create opportunity and connection for emerging musical artists. 

Our Vision


Space City Performing Arts aims to increase awareness and understanding of the performing and musical arts through education and performance opportunities as well as the incorporation of international influence. 



Committed to promoting diversity in all staff, volunteers, audiences, and programming as well as decision making and policy formation, to ensure that the performing and musical arts are both physically and intellectually accessible to all.

Cultural Connection

Ensure that the international percussive history of the organization is preserved and remembered through aspects of programming and collaboration.


Prioritize collaborative work with local, national, and international performing and musical arts organizations to continue providing emerging artists diverse educational opportunities.


Be proactive in developing staff, programs, and facilities, as well as the continued expansion of the organization's presence in the performing arts community

Social Media

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